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Air Conditioning Benefits

The summer of 2013 proved to be one of the warmest for many years, with temperatures reaching upwards of 30 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. While this heatwave brought a welcome change for most Britain-bound holidaymakers, employees in those companies which failed to invest in a commercial air conditioning system were forced to sweat it out under frightful conditions. At the same time this selection of employees were suffering, many of their counterparts in other companies were able to continue working in comfort due to their companies’ foresightedness and efforts to install an air conditioning system in their place of work.

A wall mounted air conditioning unit

The benefits of air conditioning systems for even small businesses are difficult to overestimate. By allowing careful manipulation of the working environment in which your employees must function, you can keep the temperature of the office or factory floor well within a comfortable range, thus allowing your employees to work happily and to put their hearts into the task at hand. In truth, a well-adjusted air conditioning system will seldom be noticed by those under your employ; however, its absence will surely be a sore point among staff, spoiling your present and future relations with them. This lack of recognition for your good deed may result in it appearing pointless and unnecessary to certain individuals among the management, but the boost in employee productivity, which will happen organically and go largely unnoticed by your staff, will surely lead to a higher output, and a much-needed injection of profit to the company.

The extensive range of air conditioning systems available today from leading suppliers and installers like BS Air is versatile enough to fit any premises, whether you work in the retail, leisure or manufacturing industries. The most common types are listed below;

Ceiling mounted – best suited for open plan applications, such as classrooms and offices, for an even distribution of airflow.

This unit is also ideal where floor/wall space is limited. The unit is installed in the ceiling void with only the 4 way fascia being visible, distributing an even coverage via the 4 grilles. It can be controlled by a wireless remote control or a wired wall mounted control panel, and can both heat and cool.

A ceiling mounted air conditioning unit

Wall mounted – this is the simplest unit to install and operate.

They are ideal where space is limited or in problematic areas, such as server rooms. They also provide the option to have more than one indoor unit controlled by just one outdoor unit. It can be controlled by a wireless remote control or a wired wall mounted control panel, and can both heat and cool.

A wall mounted air conditioning unit

Ducted systems – Allows the cooling/heating of multiple rooms from a single source, without the need for units in each area.

The unit is installed above the ceiling with just the grilles being visible in each space. They provide a uniform temperature regardless of the size of the area to be cooled/heated, ensuring a comfortable living/working environment.

A unit from a ducted air conditioning system

VRV/VRF – This system is suited for projects of a considerable size.

It requires highly skilled engineers to both design and install. At BS Air we have vast experience and knowledge of these systems having designed and installed many. A VRV System cools a large area from a centralised pipework system, providing you with lots of indoor units and only one outdoor unit. This is the most cost-effective and energy efficient solution for large scale cooling requirements.

A VRV/VRF air conditioning unit

With the information provided in the guide above, any UK business owner can see the benefit of keeping their employees contented by installing an air conditioner in their office or place of work. In addition to this, you should now be armed with the details required to make an informed choice regarding the precise type of air conditioning system required for your particular working environment. Keep your employees working at their maximum rate by installing an air conditioning system – contact the professionals at BS Air for more information, advice or high quality supply, installation and maintenance of all air conditioning systems!